How to Play Guitar with Learn the Guitar in 8 Weeks

“Learn the Guitar in Eight Weeks” is an accelerated college-level beginner’s course geared toward the adult learner. By following the program laid out on this DVD and in the accompanying manual, you’ll acquire basic technical and music-reading skills on the guitar in a matter of weeks — not years.

The DVD features the Player’s Eye View™, which will allow you to see my left hand much as you see your own while holding the guitar. This should make it easier and quicker for you to understand the shapes and movements on the fingerboard, bringing you to your goal faster — playing the guitar.

Here’s What You’ll Get In Learn the Guitar In 8 Weeks

  • A set of chords used in American popular music of all styles, including rock, pop, and country.
  • How to read music notation, a language you can use to unlock a wealth of information unavailable in any other format.
  • Technical skills that will speed the rate you learn the guitar.

“Learn the Guitar in Eight Weeks” can provide you with a solid foundation on which to build your continuing musical growth. Let’s get started today!